Harmony & Balance Remedial Massage.
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About Harmony & Balance Remedial Massage.

Remedial Massage Chinese massage, also known as Tuina, (a kind of effective Remedial Massage) is an ancient Chinese medical therapy which has more than two-thousand-year history. Chinese massage is commonly used in medical practice. Harmony & Balance Remedial Massage uses traditional Chinese concepts, combines modern medical science concepts to relieve rigidity of muscles and activate the channels, regulate the tendons and muscles, promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis, adjust the viscera. Sports Massage Sports massage is the manual manipulation of muscle tissue which determines the tone of the athlete's muscles. The tone of the muscle is the proportion of fired (contracted) muscle fibers to unfired fibers. Massage can adjust the muscle tone to enhance optimal performance. If the muscle tone is too high, there may not be enough muscle fiber to contract for peak performance and if the tone is too low, the athlete will not get enough elastic response for his/her mus


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