Hard Chrome Plating Kalgoorlie
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About Hard Chrome Plating Kalgoorlie

Both our branches in Perth and Kalgoorlie include Hard Chrome Plating facilities. This means faster turnaround for our clients. We are also able to stress relieve or hydrogen de-embrittle components if required. In contrast to other surface treatment methods, Hard Chrome Plating is performed at relatively low temperatures and as a consequence it offers some distinct advantages. While most of our Hard Chrome Plating is done on Hydraulic Cylinder Rods, it is also an excellent medium for the reclamation of worn-out parts. The greatest advantage of Hard Chrome Plating is for the remanufacturing/rebuilding of all kinds of metal-mechanical parts. This is a great option and in many cases the only choice to rebuild worn-out parts in a fast and cost effective way. We have in the past, been successful in Hard Chrome Plating valve balls, seal areas, damaged crankshaft journals, pump shaft journals, cam shafts, internal bores, propeller blades, brake drums, brake discs and the list goes on.


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