Grassmere Kennels and Cattery
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About Grassmere Kennels and Cattery

Grassmere Kennels & Cattery Your Pets Home Away From Home At Grassmere Kennels and Cattery your pet is treated in the way you would like a boarding business to take care of them. We treat your pet as an individual, spending time with your pet and your pet only. Every day your dog is treated to two lovely walks around 4 acres of our parkland like gardens. Next your dog is treated to two main meals and Yappie Hour in the afternoon. This is a treat that your dog will really love! We feed your dogs top quality products and we vary the food so your dog has variety. Your dog is also given one on one cuddles and play time. Add to this a perfect enclosure with heated bedding area which makes your beloved pet even more comfortable during his stay during winter. We are very reasonable in price and cater for families where they have more than one dog so that they can be together. Our Cats are not left out either! Every day your Cat is fed highest quality food and it is also varied so that he will experience something that he might enjoy. Your Cat has in his enclosure, soft cosy heated bedding, play toys and scratching pole for their delight. Also your Cat is taken into a larger enclosure where he can play and discover new toys, outside garden noises of our 4 acres keeping him well occupied and safe. You also have choices available to you in regards to options for your dog or cat which means that you get to have peace of mind. All diets are also taken care of free of charge including any medications that your pet may currently be on. Never had your pet to a boarding place before? We have the answer - come and have an inspection with us! Just telephone to arrange a time and day - you will be amazed! We assure you that your pet who has never stayed in boarding business will be looked after like it is our own! We also have flexible drop off and pick up times which caters for unexpected situations or those who just have to get away early in the morning and cant wait for the traditional times of boarding businesses.


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