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About Fox Transportables Pty Ltd

Fox Transportables Pty Ltd is a Perth based, Family owned business serving the state of Western Australia since 2009. The founders Nick and Matt, have grown and expanded their services to meet the ever changing demands of the industry. All Transportables are built according to the Building Codes of Australia and are Engineer-certified guaranteeing quality products and real value for money this is our promise to our customers. At Fox we specialise in the Manufacturing, Leasing and Sales of Transportable buildings with the ability and functionality to be used diversely. From Rural Quarters for Seasonal Worker Accommodation and to granny flats, storage and portable offices. There are a variety of Transportable models that you can choose from and all are open to customisation. Select from our range of Portable Buildings, Offices, as well as many other special-use type structures to Lease or buy. We provide you with the best advice to get just the building you are looking for.


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