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About Fleet Complete

Fleet Complete is considered a game changer for industries who utilise  its software - As a global leader in vehicle telematics, Fleet Complete uses IoT and innovation to ensure its technology keeps customers and high-value assets secure and profitable. Being able to dispatch the closest driver to a location or to instantly attain status updates for pending jobs provides visibility into vehicles and staff. Despite already utilising Australia's largest cellular network, Fleet Complete also provides satellite failover capabilities for tracking workers  and vehicles that are located in even the most remote locations of Australia. 


The GPS trackers, which plug and play into fleet vehicles, are easy to configure with the Fleet Tracker software. Upon installation, the Fleet Tracker Software immediately locates vehicles in near real-time, while it also gathers drivers' analytic data.  The software's reporting capabilities taps into vehicle engines' computer data as well as pulls data pertaining to driving behaviours. Such reports can provide Fleet Managers and Dispatchers with information that can help them significantly increase their companies' ROI.


Fleet Tracker integrates seamlessly with 3rd party software as well as our other software products such as Asset Tracker & Journey Management


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