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About Eye Care Plus Kareela

Do you think your child needs special attention with their visioncomplaining about wanting to get an eyeglasses? Do hesitate! Hear them out! They may be having Streff Syndrome.

When you encounter a condition where both vision near and far are diminished for both eye is what we call as Streff Syndrome.  Same as mayopia, they have difficulties concentrating on things near them. It is additionally a condition which is on a very basic level is mislabelled as imagining or pretending just to get eyeglasses.  They whine about having a vision deficiency or wanting to have eyeglasses.

With Eye Care Kids vision and learning have developed their relationship to switch up to the necessities of your adolescents. Our point is to help kids upgrade their vision with the best govern and use of the treatment.  We have a Behavioral Optometrists who are professionally arranged to utilize evidence based practice to help your Child's vision and change past standard thought. We help watchmen give their children dazzling lenses that are honest to goodness to their necessities. We make our lenses to be in vogue and sublime for the young people to love.


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