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About Exmouth Chiropractic

Exmouth Chiropractic was a wellness centre in Exmouth founded with a motto of helping people lead a pain-free life where their pain is taken care of while preventing pill consumption. We believe that pills only suppress the pain and not cure the aches of the body completely and that is where our team of doctors in Exmouth come to your aid. We specialise in imparting Chiropractic therapy to our patients right from infants to adults. We understand each body type and accordingly come up with a solution.


Why Choose Us:


With university training and the right amount of expertise up our sleeves, there can be no better aid when it comes to avail pain relief. Right from providing chiropractic aid to physiotherapy sessions in Exmouth, we do it all depending on the need of your body. We do not start acting on the pain the moment you approach us. Our treatment includes analysis, diagnosis, treatment and finally taking all measures such as external pressure and massage to prevent further problems. While being considered as the safest drug-free therapy, backaches and neuro-musculoskeletal problems are brought to an end.


Services we provide :


Back and neck pain

Disc pain


Headaches and migraines

Dizziness and vertigo

Jaw dysfunction

Sport and work injuries

Shoulder injuries

Extremity conditions such as frozen shoulder and tennis elbow

Nerve entrapment’s such as sciatica

Pregnancy-related back pain

Arthritic pain

Scoliosis management

Poor posture

Paediatric assessments for gait issues such as in-toeing or incorrect crawl pattern


Travel Directions

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