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About EverEdge Australia Pty Ltd

EverEdge - a brilliant, simple and long lasting way to maintain tidy garden edges. The edge and the spikes are all made from one piece of steel (No extra pins, joiners, or pegs). EverEdge flexible steel garden edging is easy to install, bends to virtually any shape and is available in a variety of colours and depths. We are often asked if the EverEdge powder coating will be damaged by whipper snipping. The answer - NOT AT ALL! We have conducted extensive tests including holding the whipper sniper against a piece of EverEdge until the nylon cutting thread was completely worn out and there still wasn't a mark on the length of EverEdge. Durable: made from 1.6mm gauge mild steel galvanized and powder coated or with a Cor-Ten rusted finish. Versatile: Bends to virtually any shape and suits all soil types. Unobtrusive: Intended to be mown over, available in metre lengths in various depths and colours. Simple to Install: Hammered directly into the ground and easily interlocked.


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