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About Elevated Arbor Care

Elevated Arbor Care is a Western Sydney-based full tree and garden maintenance service provider. We proudly serve Sydney since 15-years with a well-respected reputation for all types of tree care services. 

Customer service is at the heart of everything we do at Elevated Arbor Care. Therefore, our team of experienced, qualified and fully insured arborists is committed to taking tree care to the next level with professional and prompt services such as

24/7 Emergency Tree Services

Tree Removal Services

Crown Lifting Services

Tree Felling Services

Stump Grinding Services

Tree pruning and trimming

Tree Mulching Services

Garden Maintenance Services and many more

We strive to make tree cutting services easily accessible across Sydney and therefore our local tree cutting specialists promptly handle all tree cutting and garden maintenance from stump removal to crown lifting services with 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

We thrive to make Sydney beautiful and safe! Get in touch today. Please call 1300007674 for a quick response or visit to know more.


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