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Acupuncture is a great modality to utilise during pregnancy.
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About Elements Chiropractic

As Chiropractors located in Nerang we service the Gold Coast and surrounding areas including Pacific Pines, Oxenford, Highland Park, Gilston, Ashmore, we pride ourselves in offering a different and unique form of Network Chiropractic treatment.

Elements Chiropractic take a different approach to traditional Chiropractors.We do not manipulate, adjust, crack, pop or force your spine to do anything it is not ready to do.Traditional Chiropractic identifies the sore spots and heavily guarded areas of your body where the pain and dis-ease is and overwhelms the defences of your body by applying a high amount of force and input to your system. This can work if you repeat the process over and over and overwhelm the bodies protection mechanisms.


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