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Smile Makeover Simulation

Smile Makeover Simulation – A cosmetic dental treatment which provides you with the peace of mind. It Complete Smile and Confidence Makeover. Re-assurance before beginning treatment. Start your new Life with beautiful Smile! Your Smile is your secret weapon.

Smile Simulation Procedure The procedure involves: A special facial photograph is taken using a digital camera set up for cosmetic imaging.Examination is done to find how your smile looks. “Before” picture is observed to find how your teeth look to others when you smile. Dental Imaging Software is used to create an “after” picture of how your teeth might look from cosmetic dentistry. This can give you and the dentist the opportunity to discuss how you would like your smile to look and to allow you and others to see what you might look like from having a smile makeover. If you are wondering and thinking about how to change your smile or are considering how you would look after your teeth are fixed – A Cosmetic Smile Simulation can give you the peace of mind and re-assurance prior to beginning your treatment. To arrange for a smile simulation call and make an appointment today and start smiling.
Added by Dr Kinnar Shah Dentist Castle Hill on Sunday 12 May 2013
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