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About Dr Bez Shokouhi Cosmetic Dentist Castle Hill

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dental treatment in Castle Hill is one of a kind  we transform your look and help you

achieve smile of your dreams.

  • Be Confident With Secure Smile Cosmetic Teeth!
  • Enhance your smile with Cosmetic Surgery!
  • Everybody loves a bright white smile!
  • Painless Sedation Dental treatment!
  • Cosmetic Dentistry

    Cosmetic Dentistry

    Cosmetic dental treatment in Castle Hill is one of a kind  we transform your look and help


     you achieve smile of your dreams. At Multicare Dental, you can have your teeth whitened, replace a lost tooth, reconstruct a damaged or broken tooth, reshape a flattened, worn tooth, reconstruct your entire mouth, align slightly crooked teeth without getting braces and reshape your gums if they are uneven or excessively visible. All this is possible with cosmetic dental treatment or cosmetic surgery.

    At Multicare Dental in Castle Hill, we provide the following Cosmetic Dental Services:

    • Porcelain veneers
    • Crowns
    • Teeth whitening and bleaching
    • Aesthetic white fillings
    • Cosmetic dental surgery
    • Cosmetic Implants

    Cosmetic Dentistry Trends

    Our cosmetic dentists are experts in their field, providing a complete range of cosmetic dentistry treatments in the Castle Hill region. As cosmetic dentistry is increasingly becoming popular, more and more people are going for cosmetic dental surgery and cosmetic treatments. We offer the latest dental techniques and employ the most innovative cosmetic dental technologies to give you a healthy and beautiful smile and reduce your chair time. We even cater to the elderly people who have lost all their adult teeth, by providing them with cosmetic dental implants or cosmetic dentures. The look is natural yet so beautiful, who wouldn't want to have cosmetic dental care given to them at Multicare Dental? The fact is, it requires an excellent esthetic dentist such as our cosmetic specialist with perfect skills to achieve the desired result.

    Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

    Cosmetic dentistry treatments currently in use include:

     Teeth Whitening
    It has become extremely easy, with teeth bleaching and laser teeth whitening with Zoom whitening technology being the most requested treatments at our Multicare Dental Clinic.

    How is tooth whitening done?
    Whitening teeth is a very simple procedure. For Zoom whitening, we provide special trays, which are filled with bleaching gels that contain Carbamide peroxide or Hydrogen peroxide of tolerable concentration. These trays are then placed over the teeth and a blue light is used to activate the bleaching agent and speed up the process. This takes about one hour of time. We also provide custom made trays to our patients for follow up after completing the treatment to maintain the white teeth.

    Is teeth whitening harmful?
    Cosmetic tooth whitening is not harmful to the teeth as this is a frequent concern for people who visit our Cosmetic dentists. We ensure proper care while performing the whitening and provide complete instructions for at-home bleaching treatments.

    Cosmetic Dental Implants
    For replacing a lost tooth, cosmetic dental implants are gaining much demand as they are a permanent and durable replacement for lost teeth. They also look completely real, giving excellent esthetic results. Dentist implants are artificial teeth fabricated upon a bio-friendly metal screw such as that of titanium, and these are locked into place within the bone socket that held the old tooth. These are also an excellent substitute to the conventional, removable dentures.

    Our cosmetic dental surgeon can perform flap surgeries or a gum lift to remove excess gum over the surfaces of teeth that make them appear small or short. This greatly enhances the toothy white grin in combination with teeth whitening and is a great way to rejuvenate smile. We also perform laser surgery to reduce gummy appearance and it is a virtually painless procedure, allowing the gums to heal much faster as compared to other surgical procedures.

     Dental Veneers
    Cosmetic dentist veneers laminates that are adhesively bonded to the surface of the tooth that is cracked, chipped, permanently stained or discolored. These veneers have the advantage of being long lasting and give great esthetic, natural results. Porcelain veneers have multipurpose esthetic enhancements and our Cosmetic dentist is an expert in providing excellent quality cosmetic care and completely natural looking porcelain veneers.

    Sedation Dentistry
    Sometimes in cosmetic dental procedures, our sedation dentist may be required if extensive dental surgery is to take place such as a cosmetic reconstruction or cosmetic dental implant. Sedation is a common dental practice in our dental clinic and is available for those patients who wish to have a painless procedure done or who suffer from dental phobia. As sedation dental treatment is another specialty we offer to our dental patients so as to keep them relaxed and anxiety-free as our sedation dentist is a highly experienced and qualified specialist.

     Dental Caps and Crowns
    They are used for cosmetic dentistry purposes or protect damaged, cracked and worn teeth. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped  that is placed over a tooth covering it to improve its overall appearance and to restore its natural shape, size and strength.
    Cosmetic dentistry continues to come up with amazing new developments to enhance the beauty of your smile, and we are your perfect solution for the ultimate smile makeovers. At Multicare Dental, our expert cosmetic dentists are highly trained and eager to help you attain your magical smile. So, no need to wait now. Contact us today to schedule a cosmetic dentistry appointment at our office in Castle Hill and discover the new you.



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