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About Direct Wholesale

Direct Wholesale launches 360 reasons why buying hardware online is a better way to say goodbye to hassle and g’day to getting on with the job.

Have you ever thought to yourself - Why am I breaking my neck and running around the place every day for very little profit margin on parts I sell?

Most of the traditional Bricks and Mortar stores have massive running costs that force the cost of materials upwards, putting a strain on your wallet and ultimately to your profits. At Direct Wholesale Supplies we saw this challenge and frustration faced by most of our mates working in the Electrical and Plumbing industries.

Fuelled by this, Direct Wholesale Supplies Pty Ltd has been designed with Electricians and Plumbers in mind. We are not offering you a chance to invest your hard earned money in some fly by night scheme. In fact, we are offering a business solution that will help you reduce your costs and increase your profits.

With Direct Wholesale you’ve got all the hardware parts you need at the click of a fingertip. Finally, you can say goodbye to wasting your time and money, and g’day to finding exactly what you want, when you need it.

Direct Wholesale is a fair dinkum online direct wholesale supplier of plumbing and electrical gear to the trade market and symbolises speed, value and efficiency of online shopping keeping your business and time in mind.

From switches to saddles and bushes to brass score what you’re looking for on Direct Wholesale.
Goodbye frustration. G’day found it.
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