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About Delta Computers

Home Rentals
We have a tremendous range of rental products to choose from including TVs, Surround Sound Systems, Laptops, Desktops, Gaming Consoles, Tablets, Apple Products and much more. Hiring through Delta is easy, cost effective and you always get the latest brand new gear!

Business Rentals
We can set up your entire business with complete equipment, backups and networking. Everything is covered with easy weekly rental payments. We offer the flexibility to upgrade if your needs change during the rental period. We have had entire commercial offices hire computers through us so there is nothing we can’t handle.

At Delta we have five full time, fully qualified and extremely knowledgeable technicians that work each and every day servicing and fixing computers. There is nothing they haven’t seen before.

When you buy a computer through Delta Computers you experience a red carpet treatment. We can expertly guide you through what computer is right for you and then take care of the complete setup. This includes software updates and installation, networking and even data transfer from your old computer. The moment you leave the store the computer is ready to go.


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