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We at Danesh Exchange offer $0-commission based foreign currency exchange services. We don’t charge you anything for providing money exchange when you are travelling overseas. This is the biggest reason, you should consider us against banks. In addition to charging NO commission or fees, we offer you better currency exchange rates than banks. With all these benefits at hand, why should you consider going to banks or other foreign currency exchange centres.

Based in Dandenong Vic, we service the greater Melbourne area. We meet all of your foreign currency exchange needs. You may have different needs, beyond travelling to a foreign land, but we offer currency buying and selling services to provide easy solutions to our customers. Anyone who has once taken advantage of our services, has remained our client for ever – this includes individuals who travel abroad for holiday trips and small and large businesses that need foreign currency exchange from time to time.

We deal in all international currencies including but not limited to USD, EURO, GBP, NZD, CAD, SGD, AED, IDR, CNY, INR, FJD and MORE... We have more than 25 global currencies on our portfolio. We eliminate all the hassles related to exchanging money and enable our customers to collect their currency directly in their hand at our office. In addition, you can also remain assured that you are getting the highest possible foreign exchange rate compared to other organisations like banks and other foreign currency exchange centres.

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