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About Classic Timber Furniture

As you've probably already guessed, we sell furniture. Much of it timber. And many of our designs are certainly classics. And thus the name 'Classic Timber Furniture'.

A quick look at our furniture will also tell you we have a great mix of traditional and contemporary designs. There's even some traditional designs with a contemporary twist. Perhaps not something for absolutely everyone, but certainly a diverse range to choose from including a selection of designs you won't find anywhere else in South Australia.

But most importantly, our furniture is, without exception, fantastic quality. We've been around since before disposable furniture was in vogue, and at the risk of sounding old fashioned, we still believe your furniture should not only look and feel great, but actually go the distance. So we really only sell the kind of quality furniture we'd be happy to buy ourselves.

The really good news is, we're equally focused on providing exceptional value for money. So while you won't necessarily find furniture at the same kind of price you might buy a box of breakfast cereal for, you will find our prices surprisingly affordable.

We also happen to sell some rather nice homewares to go with your furniture. That said, we won't be changing our name to 'Classic Timber Furniture and Some Really Nice Homewares' any time soon.


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