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About Chesterfield Podiatry

At Chesterfield Podiatry, our podiatrists specialise in exercise and sports injury rehabilitiation, general foot conditions, nail issues and biomechanical analysis and correction. We have three podiatrists that will be able to help you in our clinic; Evan, Grace and Weng. Evan takes an interest in all things podiatry such as corns and calluses, fungal infections and diabetic care. Grace will get you back to participating in the sports you love with her techniques such as dry needling, bio-mechanical assessments and taping. Weng uses orthotic therapy to help relieve the pain in your feet and takes a special interest in treating ingrown nails, cracked heels and creating chronic disease management plans.

With each of our podiatrists specialising in alternating areas of podiatry, as well as the different techniques each podiatrist prefers, you can rest-assured that they will be able to treat your foot problems and help you towards a more comfortable and enjoyable life. If you suffer from conditions such as diabetes, ingrown toe nails, pronation, heel or knee pain, plantar fasciitis, plantar warts or achilles tendonitis then Evan, Grace and Weng can help! 

Let us become the people you trust with your feet! Call us today or book online via our website.


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