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About CPRSafe Knuffi

"CPRSafe Knuffi® are the Australasia (including Australia, New Zealand & New Guinea) distributors of Knuffi® warning & protective bumper guards. These safety guards are an essential part of Personal Protection Equipment used for safeguarding personal crumple zones for personnel as well as machinery and equipment. Knuffi® bumper guards work by absorbing hard impacts, thereby, preventing injury or damage. All guards come with highly visible yellow & black markings making them hard to miss. No more worrying about staff absenteeism or equipment downtime! Knuffi® safety guards are made from polyurethane foam. These bumper guards can withstand temperatures between 40°C to +100 °C and have high resistance to dampness, making them versatile for use both indoors and outdoors. APPLICATIONS Knuffi® bumper guards find application in: • Transportation routes for industrial setups • Equipment and machinery • Transportation vehicles • Walls Knuffi® PRODUCT RANGE • Surface Protection Bumpers • Corner Protection Bumpers • Wall Protection Kits • Edge Protection Bumpers • Magnetic • Piping Protection Bumpers • Protective Corners Bumpers For queries, feel free to reach us at 0415 619 611. "


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