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About Bricks and Agent

Bricks and Agent is an Australian company that has developed an online real estate platform meant to facilitate the process of finding real estate agents and listings.

We help you find and compare the best real estate agents in Australia. We make the process of buying and selling easier for everyone by providing a solution for busy vendors and agents, facilitating their access to all the information they need to sell their property. For Sellers: - Publish a property listing anonymously, in which you can provide as much or as little information as you please. You are not required to offer your personal details unless you chose to. - Compare the agents' bids, as there are so many agents out there that it is usually just a matter of finding the one that you feel most comfortable with. - Discuss with all the agents in one place. Having a place where you discuss with all the agents will simplify things greatly. By using our platform you avoid email spam and endless calls. For Agents: - Build a profile and see all the new listings in an area of your choice. - Present your offer to the sellers and place your bids. - Pitch, talk and seal the deal quickly


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