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Hi. I’m Bree Somer. As a degree qualified, industry registered professional with extensive life experience and specialised training, I provide online counselling and transition coaching for individuals experiencing personal or professional transition. I would LOVE to support YOU in: Navigating life and career challenges, Achieving your personal and professional goals, Negotiating and managing workplace conflict, Understanding and dealing with relationship problems, Coping with loss and adjusting to a new way of life, Strengthening your confidence and self-esteem, Managing the impacts of chronic illness and mental health, Enhancing your focus and communication skills, Developing social connections and improving relationships, Extending your problem-solving skills and ability, Increasing your sense of power, fulfilment, and well-being. I provide individually tailored sessions to help you successfully manage change, overcome challenges, and achieve well-being. The only sensible choice for your valuable investment – YOU.


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