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Sick of your dirty, smelly wheelie bins being a home to germs, bacteria & creepy crawlies?? BIN MATES are coming to your rescue! Book online or call us to have your bins professionally cleaned, disinfected & deodorised. OUR CURRENT SERVICE AREAS ARE: Atherton Tolga Rangeview Kairi Malanda Yungaburra Have your bin cleaned the same day the bins are emptied. Our mobile unit will visit your home the same day your bins are emptied. Choose from once a fortnight or once every four weeks (on the week both green and recycle bins are emptied). We also offer a single once of cleaning service. Environmentally friendly: we only use 100% biodegradable products that leave your bin clean, disinfected and smelling fresh. Saving water: our mobile cleaning unit uses high pressure water that is captured, filtered and recycled, with waste water disposed of in accordance with local council regulations. Reduce health & hygiene hazards: the biodegradable antibacterial detergent used eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria leaving your bin hygienically clean. How It Works: We use a high pressure hand lance to clean the bin lid and any heavily soiled areas on the outside of your bin. Your wheelie bin is automatically lifted and inverted onto our cleaning unit and cleaned using high pressure water, to give a thorough inside clean. Once cleaned, your bin is sanitised and deodorised using environmentally friendly products and returned to the kerb.


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