Bali Treasures Drum Factory
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About Bali Treasures Drum Factory

Bali Treasures Drum Factory is appointed to be the largest percussion instruments factory in the world. Bali Treasures “Drum Factory” came into existence in 1998. Since then, due to our unceasing endeavors, Bali factory gradually develops and, now has become well-known to the whole world. We have manufactured various Percussion Instruments and drums and exports over 250,000 instruments annually to more than 50 countries. Our best products consists of Cajon with its varied genres, Djembes, Didgeridoos, tambourines, Bougaribou, Darbuka, Metal Tones, African Drums, Frame Drums, Shakers, Rain Stick, and Kid Stuff. Bali Treasures is so creative, that it always seeks new way in order to produce high-quality products. One of the many ways is to create percussion instruments out of PCV materials. This is what makes us unique is the first factory in Asia who have made a patented PVC DJEMBE drums. If you get interested to have best products of ours then it is recommendable for you to connect with our company, Bali Treasures Drum Factory. Please contact us via and call as through 62-361-978637. Our trusted company is located in Jl. Raya Andong, Peliatan, Ubud 80571 (in front of gas station!) Bali-Indonesia. Come and enjoy our products. Great cooperation will lead to best results.


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