Ayurveda Natural Health & Massage
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About Ayurveda Natural Health & Massage

At Ayurveda Natural Health we offer consultations that delve to the root cause of your health concerns. By addressing the causative factors as well as the symptoms, we help you to regain balance and wellness in the short and long-term. Our specialisation is in allergy, sinus and respiratory health and have a multi-faceted approach to improving these areas with great results. As Ayurveda is about the person as a whole this means anyone can be helped whatever their health goal. We focus on diet, lifestyle, herbal medicine, therapies and medicinal yoga. Recommendations will be given throughout the consultation or at the end and discussed to suite your budget, environment and circumstances. Massage is an amazing way to prevent or reduce stress! Massage is a great way to reduce stress, detoxify, enhance immunity and increase circulation but best of all it brings about a deep sense of relaxation and vitality. We have various massages to suite your needs. Check out the website for more info. It increases blood flow, circulation and detoxification, lowers blood pressure and is a great way to keep muscles supple and healthy. We use organic cold-pressed base oils and essential oils which leave your skin nourished, smooth and glowing. After a while aches and pains can turn into chronic problems, then a series of treatments are needed, whatever stage you're at, don't wait any longer call us now


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