Aikido Yoshinkan Brisbane Dojo.
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About Aikido Yoshinkan Brisbane Dojo.

Welcome to the Home of Aikido Yoshinkan Brisbane Dojo, the Practical Aikido and Self Defence in West End, Brisbane QLD. We offer basic and advanced Aikido and self-defence class for adults and high school students and children's/kids' class for ages from 6 years old. Our style of Aikido, Yoshinkan, is one of the best martial arts to gain the skills of self defence, being the style trained by Riot Police and both male and female Police Officers in Tokyo, Japan. Aikido Yoshinkan is well-known as the Practical Style of Aikido which means techniques are realistic and effective. The style is very suitable for women's self defence and for children/kids to learn techniques with a great discipline and fun. In the Self-defence and Aikido Introductory Course you will learn space awareness, self defence skills in various situations, break-falls and evasion movements. Mori Shihan 8th Dan is a highly qualified professional Aikido instructor with teaching experiences over 30 years in various countries.


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